This bundle is the ideal way to start you health journey.

With a wealth of step by step information, the book will guide you to better health and hormone balance through understaing the impact certain foods, lifetyle habits and systmes of the body have on our health.

The Zinc is an ideal daily supplement to begin to balance out hormones, imporve gut funciton, immune function and healing.

The wild, Alaskan fish oils are a daily supplement to balance out inflammation, provide building block for hormone formation and to nourish skin and hair.


This bundle contains:

A copy of Primal Living in. a Modern World (rrp £28.95)

30 Easy Swallow Wild, Alaskan Fish Oils (rrp £11.90)

Zinc Complex by TerraNova 100 capsules (superior quality zinc complex)

(Saving £13.50 as a bundle buy!)


Healthy Hormones Bundle

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