You are truly amazing….

There is no perfect time to focus on our health, time will always be short, life will always be busy, there will always be more pressing and urgent matters to think about over what you'll choose to fuel your body with today, how that fuel will make you feel, whether or not it is making your healthier, or sicker.

Your body is truly incredible. Truly. If you knew what I knew about your body…you would think so too! You are mind-blowing. A miracle. You are the most sophisticated and intelligent species on the planet. From the moment you are conceived, your body works in exquisite and perfect harmony with the internal and external environment. When that environment becomes disrupted, you body will do everything in its power to compensate, adapt and try and keep going, business as usual.

Sometimes this ability to adapt so readily can be at our detriment. There is only so much that our body can do before we become resistant, depleted, exhausted or fatigued. Our fail safe systems start to fail…slowly. There are whispers, little signs that things aren’t quite right that we often miss. The whispers are subtle at first, fatigue, lack of drive, irritability, weight gain, skin problems, aches and pains…then, they can become more obvious. We often accept the quite whispers as ‘life,’ that we are busy or ‘just getting older.’ We push on, using stimulants to get us going, using vices to make us feel better.

When we stop and take note of these tell-tale signs and begin to really understand our body, how it works and how to maximise its potential, its ability to be happy, energised and at its best. We realise that the small daily changes can make a vast difference to our overall health and wellbeing over time. We will age regardless, how we age is NOT inevitable, that is entirely up to us.

Stop pushing and start listening. Your body is incredible. It will give you feedback, when you listen. You are a miracle, make the time, learn how to stay that way.

The journey continues.

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