Women are detrimentally under-represented in health research...it's time to level the playing field.

Women have for a long time, been under-represented in medical research. There is often a lack of access to the information needed when it comes to understanding what is happening to their bodies, changing hormones and the impact those changing hormones have on their physical and mental health.

Hormonal changes often set in from the age of 35 years old. These hormonal changes can result in a multitude of symptoms from stubborn weight gain around the middle to exhaustion and low mood which is often misdiagnosed as depression.

Often the health professional we turn to for help with our ailing health don’t have the knowledge or access to the information needed and due to time constraints and pressures, may not ask the correct questions to ascertain a true picture of how hormonal changes are effecting females, particularly when it comes to intimate health and intimate relationships.

With 80% of women decribed as suffering from various symptoms of hormonal disruption between the ages of 35-60, it is time to take control of our health, to step into the driving seat and be in control of our own health destiny.

It is absolutely possible to balance hormones and affect our mood, weight, libido, musculoskeletal health such as bone density, muscle mass and skin and hair integrity. Avoiding prolapse and vaginal atrophy are yet more reasons to educate and learn about the importance of balancing and preserving hormonal health.

I have teamed up with Women’s Health expert Sarah Matyjasik to create a six week Healthy Hormones program that we are running on our newly released Membership Club, My Health Mastery. Collectively we have over forty years of experience in teaching health, nutrition and wellbeing which we are delighted to be pouring into this new venture.

In this membership you will have access to weekly tutorials, supporting workbooks and documents, habit planners, meal planners and hormone-balancing recipes, a private Facebook group with daily interaction and accountability.

By prioritising your health and wellbeing, it can have a profound effect on the relationship you have with yourself and those around you. Some of my clients have even credited their improved hormonal health with saving their marriage!

With an introductory price of just £12 per week, this early bird price will end when our membership closes, which we will do in order to allow group learning and progress together.

If you are looking for a supportive, like-minded, positive, informative means of learning more about you and the positive impact you can have on your health, then My Health Mastery could be for you.

To learn more about our six week program and access to the new membership club, please see here for more information.

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