Which one will you become...

Both of these ladies are eighty years old, same age, different lifestyle choices.

Thomas Edison stated that, the doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

My thirst for knowledge on the subject of human health and optimal function has bordered on obsessive. Over the years, as a health practitioner I saw increasing numbers patients presenting with musculoskeletal problems that, upon questioning, lead back to a pro-inflammatory lifestyle. A diet that was causing and exacerbating their health issues and manifesting in a variety of inflammatory conditions such as bursitis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, IBS and many more.

Research led me to a deeper understanding of how diet, nutrition and lifestyle affects our physical wellbeing, the pain of inflammatory joints, aches, and stiffness. I was, quite frankly blown away. Why wasn’t this information taught to me during my six years at university. Why weren’t these fundamental principles that govern how the body responds to our nutritional environment being passed on to myself and the other future health processionals of my cohort? How were we being released into the world of treating inflammatory pain with such a deficit in knowledge of ‘the big picture.’ I liken it now to a mechanic being taught how to patch up an engine without understanding what is causing the problem and how to stop it recurring.

I went on to spend further time studying for a Masters where I researched the effects of essential fats on mental wellbeing, optimising brain function and immunity. The research in this area is nothing short of astonishing. Why we have so little access to such important information is astounding.

More people will, in time begin to understand the power THEY have over their health status. That the time, focus and energy they put into caring for themselves will pay back in ways they couldn’t even begin to imagine. It is a lifelong journey, but the destination is vastly different for those who choose to live consciously, focusing on their greatest asset, their most precious commodity, their health.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. You are the only person that determines your mental and physical wellbeing and optimal brain function. You are the keeper of your own health, the protector of your health destiny. Keep going warrior, you’ve got this!!

The journey continues.

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