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What do you see?

What do you see in this image? A young lady with her head turned or an older lady with a scarf over her head. Both images are present, if we look for them.

Whatever you see, is correct. There is no right or wrong, just your interpretation of the image.

We all see the world differently. We see the world through the lens of our experience, our beliefs, our identity. Where some see a problem, others seek out a solution. Where some see failure, others see an opportunity to learn, to grow.

On yesterdays blog I put two images of two eighty-year-old ladies from either end of the health spectrum, one strong and fit, the other struggling to get by with her walking aid. These images were presented as an example of how daily lifestyle choices, over a long period of time, can shape our health and wellbeing.

I received a varied response to the blog. I was called self-righteous, patronising and a ‘granny-basher.’ I had my qualifications and credentials publicly questioned. However, I also received comments of support and inspiration. Some saw the image as it was intended, a visual representation of how making small positive choices over time can result in extraordinary change. Others saw it as a criticism or a judgement.

We see what we choose to see. If we accept the current trajectory of our societies' health and wellbeing, then we are headed for epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and depression. Alternatively, we can look at what we can do at an individual level, as a community and a nation. How small daily changes over time can lead to great changes. How questioning our current paradigm can lead to a higher level of thinking.

Taking our health into our own hands, basing our daily lifestyle choices on the physiological needs of the body. This is not some great ‘big reveal’ offered up by a ‘granny-basher,’ it’s the scientific laws that govern the functioning of our body.

If we eat congruently to our genetic requirements, an anti-inflammatory diet, a nutrient-dense diet and live a non-sedentary lifestyle, then abundant health could be ours.

The quality of our life is not measured by the presence of a six-pack but by the physical, social and mental wellbeing we have to enjoy.

The journey continues….oh and I first saw a young lady! Now I see both (the necklace on the young lady's neck makes the smile of the older lady)

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