Three reasons why you can't lose weight

Updated: Oct 24

Weight loss comes as a result of good health. A healthy weight is a by-product of a healthy body... however, when you are trying to lose weight and the weight isn't shifting, it can feel very frustrating, what's going on?! How can it be that you are exercising, eating healthily and still not shifting the extra pounds?

There are some very common reasons why we find it difficult to lose weight. Here are the top three:

You have insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a state in which the cells of the body no longer respond sensitively to insulins attempts to usher blood sugar into the cells to use for energy. When the cells are continuously bombarded with sugar, they become resistant to the demands of insulin to use up the circulating blood glucose.

When this happens, the pancreas releases more insulin, desperately trying to lower damaging blood sugars. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone. It blocks fat-burning and promotes fat storage. Increasing amounts of blood sugar is converted to fat instead of being used for energy, the cells are starved of energy and you are perpetually hungry, craving food and you find yourself on a blood sugar rollercoaster. Weight becomes very difficult to shift, you find yourself becoming irritable if you don't eat regularly and energy levels become increasingly sluggish.

Improving insulin resistance is KEY for lowering resistant weight.

You are stressed

Stress may seem an unlikely culprit of weight gain...however it plays a very important role in the battle of the bulge! When we are momentarily stressed, we release a series of stress hormones. These hormones would ordinarily be beneficial in short bursts, helping us to flee danger. One of the stress hormones, cortisol, keeps our blood sugars high, this is to ensure our body has plenty of energy to flee any potential danger. This 'danger' however, is not the same as it would have been for our caveman ancestors. We do not need to run away from a sabre tooth tiger... the kind of stress we find ourself in is a persistent, emotional stress that sees us stuck in a persistent state of producing far too much of the stress hormone cortisol. This persistent stress sees our circulating blood sugars remaining high, spiking insulin and therefore promoting more fat storage and blocking fat burning. A persistent state of stress can also lead to insulin resistance.

You are eating the wrong foods at the wrong time!

Too many carb...yes we are carb-junkies and the porridge, brown bread, brown pasta and wholemeal bagels are all adding to the sugar load that our body is already struggling to deal with! Late night eating further adds to the metabolic mayhem.

How do we reduce the sugar load? Bread need not be a thing of the past, you can still have your cake and eat it...we just need to get smart about how we make these foods. Using low carb breads made with seed flours, replacing wheat pasta with bean pasta or rice with cauliflower-rice are great ways of reducing your sugar intake and allowing your body to start to access some of the the fuel stored on your body. This does not mean you are going to be left feeling hungry and deprived...far from it!! The hunger hormones and metabolic hormones, once stabilised, ensure that you are no longer a slave to your metabolism.

More and more people are turning to low-carb, healthy fats and nutrient-dense foods to find their energy flourish, their body nourished and their weight...well, wait and see, try it for yourself.

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