The dice was loaded from the start

Regret has always held more weight for me than fear. Fear may be scary, frightening and daunting however, regret trumps them all. I have never wanted to get to the end of my days and wished that I’d followed my heart and true purpose.

My purpose has always been in health and wellbeing. From a young age I was fascinated by the workings of the human body. My career was always destined to be one where I helped people improve their health, empowering them with the knowledge they needed to thrive.

Sow & Arrow was a whole new concept. I had dreamed of opening such a store many years ago. I would scan the highstreet for vacant premises, visualising a place where people could eat nutrient-dense foods, gain knowledge and feel part of a movement that was meaningful and driven by a passion for change. A change in the way we see food from mearly a form of fuel, to a way of alleviating and improving mental and physical health.

The knowledge and experience I had gained over the years drove me to follow my heart. This was not about me, my fears, my aspirations, it was about my purpose, my reason for being. My destiny to do this was determined a long time ago, that dice was loaded from the start.

Doing what sets your soul on fire, the feeling of fulfilment when your purpose and values in life are congruent. That is the ultimate reward. Regret can be a heavy burden to carry whilst fear is fleeting and often misjudged. We can all discovering the courage that enables us to follow our true purpose. Even if it’s one small step in that direction.

Every journey begins with a first step.

And then that journey continues.


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