Table Talk: The scary story of sugar and how it impacts you.

As Halloween is around the corner and with it the inevitable splurge on sweets we are taking an in depth look at sugar and how it effects us.

We know that sugar is bad for us and can lead to obesity but what are the effects that we can't see?

How can we tell if we're suffering from insulin resistance or diabetes and what steps can we take to heal? You can read more about Insulin resistance and diabetes here.

How can you join in the celebrations in a healthy way?

We will cover all these questions and more on this weeks Table Talk.

To learn more about following a low sugar, low carb lifestyle our book Primal Living In A Modern World is filled with healthy and delicious recipes as well as information about how your body functions and which foods are helpful vs harmful. It's now £14.95 (£14.00 OFF) while stocks last so don't miss out!!

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