Supplements to Boost your Mood

Updated: Jan 29

It is not surprising that many people are struggling with low mood and feelings of anxiety at the moment.

One of our human needs is the feeling of certainty...certainty that we know what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month. When this is taken away from us, it can leave us vulnerable to feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, low mood, low motivation and hopelessness.

We will often turn to things that we know will restore feelings of certainty and boost our mood...however these things aren't always the best for our wellbeing in the long run. Alcohol, sugar, late nights and processed food can have a temporary feel-good impact on our body, boosting our mood and energy or helping us to 'relax and switch off.' However, over time this can actually deplete the very nutrients needed to keep our mood buoyant and our energy stable.

Daily supplements can help to provide the body with the essential nutrients needed to mitigate the nutrient-depleting effects of long-term stress, high sugar and nutrient-deficient diets and poor sleep.

Top Supplements to help Boost Your Mood:

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is key in helping to improve mood, however, sometimes a boost from a high quality food source supplement can be a great way of improving mood and motivation needed to make better dietary and lifestyle choices.

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