Such a simple way to instantly improve your health!

This one simple addition to your water can improve skin appearance, spider veins and improve cardiovascular strength! Seriously, such a simple addition and so refreshing!

I add lemon juice to my sparkling water, every day.

Why? Well, this zesty little number has a number of health benefits; so, get your geek on because this could add years to your life!

Varicose veins, spider veins, sagging skin (due to a loss of collagen, vitamin C is essential for collagen formation), bleeding gums and nose bleeds can all result from low vitamin C.

Low vitamin C? No, that’s not me!…I take my daily supplement….if you’re taking synthetic ascorbic acid supplements, then it could well be you!

Ascorbic acid, is not the active part of vitamin C, it does not contain the bioflavinoids contained in food-source vitamin C, as lemons do.

When you buy vitamin C supplements, check the label. If it doesn’t say food-sourced, then the chances are it isn’t. 90% of vitamin supplements on the market are made in China. There are two large vitamin companies that dominate this market and both are located in China.

Most synthetic Vitamin C is made from corn starch and sulphuric acid….hmmmmm, nice!

The Vitamin C complex found in nature has so much more than the one-dimensional ascorbic acid found in synthetic supplements.

Food source Vitamin C will strengthen the collagen bindings between cells walls and in the cardiovascular system. A good indication of needing more food-source vitamin C in your diet is bleeding gums. When we have micro-lesions in the capillaries in the gums, it’s an indication that there could also be micro-lesions happening elsewhere in the cardio vascular system. Not good!

The adrenal glands, our stress processing centre, also need vitamin C to function and ward off physical and mental stress. When our adrenals are fatigued, we can feel exhausted, fatigued and suffer from insomnia.

As well as vitamin C, Lemon water also contains high levels of citrate which helps the body combat kidney stones…tell me more!!

So, when we eat kale, nuts and spinach (daily for me then!) they contain high levels of a substance called oxalates. When eaten in conjunction with a diet rich in calcium, we can develop kidney stones. Not, however if those kidney stones are prevented from being formed…welcome lemon water.

The citrate in lemon water will dissolve or prevent the kidney stones from forming. Bingo! Lime water will also do this.

Other foods high in vitamin C include bell pepper, sea buckthorn (I take this 2-3 times per week in sparkling water, a super source of vitamin C!), sauerkraut (yes sauerkraut!) and cauliflower.

The journey continues.

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