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Losing weight is an issue so many people struggle with. Often it is not a lack of will power or discipline that stops people from achieving their weight loss goals. It's the wrong information! The wrong approach can leave you feeling hungry, craving the wrong foods or a be on a diet that is simply not sustainable for the long term.

At Sow & Arrow we are obsessed with health and wellbeing! We take a science-based approach to nutrition and love to help people access the information they need, in easy to understand ways that helps them to achieve their health goals. We teach people what you need to know to become healthy, lose weight and feel amazing...and most importantly stay that way!

Weight loss is not difficult. It's actually a by-product of a healthy lifestyle. The problem is we are bombarded with SO much conflicting information that knowing what is a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly difficult to understand. That is where science steps in...

When your body is fuelled correctly, your liver and pancreas are working optimally, your gut health is good your blood sugars are stable, weight loss happens easily. Your body burns any excess fat you are carrying.

The multitude of individuals who have gone through one of our Health Programmes here at Sow & Arrow have seen how easy weight loss can be from changing their approach to nutrition. They are always blown away by the lack of cravings, the enjoyment of food and how they aren't feeling deprived or miserable as they are eating rich, tasty and delicious foods.

The body is predictable. Fuel it correctly and it will be satisfied, it works well, your energy levels improve, sleep improves, mental wellbeing increases and you lose excess weight.

If your body is lacking in key nutrients, if you aren't providing your body with the fuel it requires to feel full and satisfy your energy needs, then you will crave foods and feel constantly hungry. This can lead to constant grazing, eating foods that will cause weight gain and inflammation.

Changing your approach to food and nutrition can result in sustainable weight loss as well as many health benefits...its a method based on understanding the physiological needs of the body...not on calorie counting, points or blood type but on understanding how we can enjoy food but not be a slave to it.

Stabilising blood sugars is key to this approach. Insulin, a hormone produced by the liver, instructs the body to store excess glucose as fat. Stabilising blood sugars is key to improving mental wellbeing as well as physical is also the key to weight loss. Long lasting weight loss.

There are no short cuts to health. There is no magic pill or injection. Health happens when the body has what it needs to cope with the demands put upon it. When you provide the body with what it needs...that's when the magic's like turning life on in full colour again. A feeling like no other.

If you would like to learn more about how you can improve your health in 2020, if you are ready to make positive changes that will stay with you for life, giving you the body you've wanted, healthy, fit and slim...make 2020 the year of change.

Our next series Ultimate Health Programmes will begin in January. Book your place today and join the many people who are already benefiting from this life-changing course.

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