Listen up Ladies!

As we enter the second week of our Healthy Hormones Classes, we are delighted with the feedback we are receiving!

Many of our members have been completely blown away by the information presented...did you know that Oestrogen has a Cardio-protective effect? That the leading cause of death in women is heart disease and that the risk sky rockets after menopause...? That women are three times more likely to develop Alzheimer's than men, due to their declining oestrogen levels and the reduction in the neuro-protective effect Oestrogen has on the brain.

Understanding the control we have over our health, how we can really help protect our own health and quality of life at any age is of vital importance in preventing chronic illness. Our hormones start to change from the age of thirty-five (yes thirty-five!). Balancing our hormones is key at all stages in life!!

In our Membership group, in the last few weeks we have covered Oestrogen Dominance and how to balance Oestrogen, how to reduce the dramatic fall in Oestrogen as we enter the peri-menopause, we've created a series of quizzes to 'score your hormones levels' and how insulin impacts on your weight and prevents fat-burning.

Coming up next week, we are filming a 'pelvic floor health special,' to help guide you to strengthen you pelvic floor muscles, improving urinary continence and sexual health.

If you're looking for accessible, Nutritionist-led, easy to follow information on how to improve your health, tailored for women by two female experts in this field, then why not sign up for our Membership Site. There is no obligation to sign up for more than a month, during which time you get access to all of our modules on the Healthy Hormones series we have created, as well as modules on Gut Health, Liver Function and Adrenal Fatigue. You can take part in our Lives sessions, interact in our private members-only Facebook group, share your goals and let us help you achieve them!

We are very proud of the work we share in our Membership group, it holds great value and we would love to welcome you to our private community of like-minded women!

Join today for your no-obligation membership whilst our early bird discount still applies.

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