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It’s the time of year where we start looking to create change in our life, health, finances and relationships. However, creating lasting change can be challenging. Food addictions, cravings and unsustainably restrictive diets can sabotage our best efforts at weight loss. Migraines, insomnia and anxiety can prevent us living the best version of ourselves. Aches, pains, digestive problems and autoimmune conditions can leave us feeling like the bright, spritely version of ourselves has long gone. However, optimising your health, whatever your current health looks like, is possible at any age and for anyone.

Your body is amazing. It has an amazing capacity to change, heal and restore health. The frustration for many is not the lack of will power or the desire to improve health, it’s the know how. Where to start, what to do and how to do it!

Finding the right person to guide you through this process can mean the difference between you achieving your health goals for 2020 or staying exactly where you are.

The House Clinics are one of the largest multidisciplinary clinics in the South West and are passionate about optimising health and restoring function. I am delighted to announce that as of January 2020 I will be the newly appointed Nutrition and Health Consultant for the House Clinics chain.

My role will be to help people reclaim their body’s natural vitality, empowering them with the personalised information needed to see their health thrive. Having spent the last 20 years studying human health and wellbeing, with two Bachelors of science and a Masters in Nutrition and Public Health, this is what I love to do! I love helping people unlock the natural healing ability that our body’s have. A good scientist is like a detective, piecing together all of the symptoms creates a bigger picture, revealing an underlying cause that can be improved upon, even reversed given the right circumstances. Weight loss, increased energy, improved sleep, improved mood, reduced stress and anxiety are all areas that vastly improve when we work with the body, providing it with what it really needs.

I will be joining The House Clinic team in Bristol for one day per week where I will work one to one with those who are motivated and committed to improving their health. I enjoy working with people who are committed to making change, who may have tried and failed in the past but are now ready to step into the life they deserve. I am here to challenge and guide you to seek more from your health which ultimately results in better relationships, productivity at work and the body and vitality you desire. Seeing how people become so much more confident, internally happy and at peace with themselves is the most rewarding part of this work, it’s why I love doing what I do.

For the month of January, the House Clinics are offering a 15min free mini consultation, giving both myself and you the opportunity to determine whether this is the right pathway for you to achieve your health goals for 2020.

For a full consultation, a 60min session is required where an in-depth session helps establish all aspects of your current physical and mental wellbeing.

The free 15min sessions are very limited so please only book if you are interested in making lasting change and committed to achieving real results.

To book please call the House Clinic reception on 0117 9420200

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