Keto Recipe: Paleo & Keto Scotch eggs

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I became obsessed with the idea of creating a low-carb, healthy Scotch egg many (many!) moons ago. I was always a fan of Scotch eggs...loving the combination of the bright yellow yolky centre and the meaty surrounding, finished off with a protective crumby coating...however, to re-create something to match up to the real deal was going to be a challenge!

Over the years this recipe has changed....adapted and improved and it will change over years to come, adding new flavour variations and varieties (we're working on a vegetarian version). So for today, we present our best-selling Sow & Arrow keto (and paleo) Scotch egg.

You will need:

2 keto bread rolls (or a low-carb bread of choice)

500g of free-range pork mince

5 boiled free-range eggs

1 egg (not boiled!)

2 tsp of Himalayan rock salt

2-3 teaspoons of dried sage

Let's do this

Place your keto bread rolls into a food processor and blend until breadcrumbs form. Take half of the breadcrumbs and put to one side. Place the minced pork into the food processor along with the breadcrumbs and 200ml of water. Add the seasoning and blend until a smooth sausage paste is formed. This is the difference between minced pork and sausage meat...and boy does it make a difference!

Take one of your boiled eggs and mould a handful of your sausage meat around the egg creating a smooth ball. Repeat for all five eggs. Dunk the meaty eggs into beaten egg mix and roll in the remaining breadcrumbs.

Bake for 20-24minutes at 170 degrees.

Perfectly delicious Scotch good with a dunk of avocado mayonnaise.

Carbs per Scotch egg: 3.6g

Join us on Friday at 4pm on Facebook Live to see us whizz up these Scotch eggs!

for more recipes and information on why and how to enjoy a low-carb and anti-inflammatory lifestyle, see our newly released book Primal Living in a Modern World.

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