Keep the kids happy...and healthy!

Everyone knows what a challenge it can be to get 'the healthy stuff' into our kids diet when they are surrounded by a sea of tempting, not so healthy food! Highly processed, cheaply produced foods that are both addictive and draw the nutrients out of children's growing bodies are the bane of many parents lives! We want our children to enjoy food that is both delicious but also packed with that will support a healthy immune system, growth, bone and dental health and gut health.

This is not always as easy as we'd like it to be! With four children with various tastes and levels of fussiness in our household...believe me I know the struggle is real!

Having recently come across NuZest, a company producing high quality health products for adults and children, I was delighted to find they produced a nutrient-packed smoothie mix that provides a full-spectrum of nutrients for children...and that kids would enjoy!

With the winter weather fast approaching, enhancing vitamin and mineral levels is key to supporting a healthy immune system and mental wellbeing. With vitamin C, Zinc (particularly important for immune function, growth and mental wellbeing), Calcium and K2 (essential for strong bones and teeth), vitamin B6 and B12 (and so much more!) this sneaky health-boosting powerhouse really is an ideal way to send the kids off to school!

With two flavours to try, Wild Strawberry and Vanilla Caramel, this vegan multinutrient smoothie mix helps give you peace of mind that the kids are getting the boost of nutrients needed whilst enjoying their smoothie, milkshake or yogurt mix.

We will be sharing more ideas on how to incorporate this super-food blend into kids meals and snack ideas.

Below is a simple smoothie recipe to whet the kids appetite!

2 scoops of Wild Strawberry mulitnutrient powder

chopped frozen banana (optional)

250ml of nut milk or organic cows milk

Blend for a few minutes in a food processor/blender. Top with chopped fresh strawberries/frozen raspberries, a sprinkle or mixed seeds and a sprinkle of strawberry powder or whatever floats your children's boat!

Happy kids...equals happy parents!!

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