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Prior to starting Sow & Arrow and whilst training as a Physiotherapist, I used to work with one of the most vulnerable and socially isolated individuals in society. The elderly. I used to visit the same individuals almost daily as part of my carer 'rounds' and for many of these beautiful individuals, I was the only person they would see, that day.

It was heartbreaking. I used to end up going back and having a cup of tea after my shifts with some of them, they were such wonderful souls but had become socially isolated, scared and lonely.

In this uncertain time where loneliness could become a very real issue for many individuals, I have been thinking how we can stay connected and feel connected. I have cerated a Facebook group called Keep Smiling. It is a group designed for keeping the smile on your face during this time...a place to feel connected. A way of feeling less lonely. There will be regular 'Live' streaming, I'm hoping from schools if they are willing to have a few singing sessions to stream...some speakers and just general positive, happy and feel good vibes! The link to join the group is below. If you'd like to get involved and help please let me know!

If you are worried about the mental health, social isolation, loneliness or wellbeing of someone, why not encourage them to join! We'll be doing our first 'live' feed next week...although I've never done this before I'll be giving it a go!! Please share and encourage anyone you know who needs a little boost

Keep smiling guys! With love to you all- Pauline X


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