How to get rid of Fear

Updated: Jan 18

"I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened." Mark Twain

Fear, the number one emotion that will stop you taking action and experiencing the life you want, the health you deserve, revealing your inner talents and passion and following your dreams.

Those who experience great success, in relationships, health, career or any other areas of life, will experience fear, however they do not let it stop them doing what they not only want to do but have to do. The fear or failure, the fear of giving up comforting rituals, the fear of being rejection...fear is an emotion we experience when we first imagine an outcome in our head before any kind of reality.

Fear can be acknowledged, experienced and Susan Jeffers famously wrote, to Feel the Fear and Do it anyway.

Fear comes from our primitive brain, it's our body's way of telling us that we are experiencing something that is different, a potential threat or danger. This may have served us well back in our caveman days, however in our current climate, where change happens on a minute by minute, non-stop narrative fed to us with sensationalised headlines and cherry-picked can really upset our primitive brain!

How do we quieten our primitive brain?

We have to be willing to feel fear. We all feel fear, however some try to avoid the uncomfortable feeling which puts you at a high risk of feeling even more anxious, being even more fearful of change and never truly getting what you want our of life.

This year, we were due to launch our debut book, Primal Living in a Modern World at the Excel centre at a large industry event. This launch was hugely important to our company as we had had to close the cafe element of our business and so the book we had produced had become more important than ever! When NOPE was cancelled, due to COVD I felt the fingers of fear grip me...what does this mean? How will we survive as a company...

I let the feelings sit with me for a moment and then...decided the only choice was to take action, come up with a plan. Getting creative is very difficult when you are stuck in your primitive brain, so accepting the feelings in order to move on was key. I knew that creativity and solutions are difficult to find when you're stuck in fight or flight.

I decided that the feelings of fear I was experiencing, would have to be replaced by feelings of courage, self-confidence and excitement. I told myself that this was an opportunity to learn more, to become even more resilient and creative...that I had gone through more challenging times before and I could do it again.

Referencing a time that you have previously experienced and come out stronger, more determined and resilient builds feelings of self-confidence and motivation. Changing your focus from what you're thinking about that is creating the fear, to an image of what you would like to see as the outcome is a very powerful technique in overcoming fear.

"If you can't you must and if you must you can." Tony Robbins

The mentors I have spend a great deal of time working with and studying helped to refocus my thoughts and energy, I knew that this was my challenge and I would grow from experiencing it.

This year we took a huge gamble...we put everything on the line for our passion, our purpose of helping others to become the best version of themselves, healthier, happier and full of joy. When Primal Living in a Modern World was released in July, we only produced 1000 copies, having pre-sold half of them before release. As August approached a decision needs to be made about a second edition reprint.

I immersed myself in writing and created the second edition, fuelled by the feedback we were receiving from the first edition. We took a huge gamble, we took a leap of faith and produced a further 5000 copies...the fear was enormous at this point! I was experiencing more fear than I had ever felt before! 5000 copies?! That's a huge investment...what if they don't ell? What if nobody wants them...what if it's no primitive brain was desperately trying to take centre stage. However, I decided that feeling the fear and reframing it to excitement and opportunity would allow me to sleep at night (that and a good dose of magnesium!)

Primal Living in a Modern World sold 3000 copies within the first six weeks of release. For a book independently produced, edited with little marketing and support, the gamble had paid off. The passion, energy and dedication to creating a book that would touch people and inspire them to make the changes they were looking for had enabled us to follow our dream of spreading the word of food as medicine.

We have many new and exciting opportunities coming up in 2021...many of which elicit a feeling of fear in me...however I have learnt that fear is not something to be feared. It is my lizard brain telling me to look out. I am learning through many new practices, to quieten that lizard brain and live life not without fear but inspite of fear.

Overcoming fear:

  • Replace the physical sensations of fear.

Focus on the physical sensations of fear such as increased heart rate, shallow breathing and tension and then visualise the feelings and emotions you would like to experience...confidence, calm, excitement, joy. Breath deeply and allow yourself to explore what it is you're fearful of. Then visualise an alternative outcome, one that gives feelings of joy, calm or excitement. The emotion you're looking to feel.

  • Focus on a time when...

Focus on a time when you felt courageous, strong, empowered, confident. Focus on that time and experience those feelings again. Allow them to seep into your body and really feel them, stand tall, breath deeply and remind yourself of who you are and how that strong, confident, able individual is you. Remind yourself that it is absolutely fine to feel fearful, but to not allow fear to take over and rule you.

  • Don't get paralysed by fear

Take it step by step. Progress is progress! One small step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction and before you know it you are a great deal further along the pathway you want to be on than you were a week ago...a month ago. Make it manageable, celebrate the small steps and develop a mindset of celebrating easy wins.

  • Learn from others

I've been fortunate enough to learn from some of the greatest minds in the world. I've met Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and other inspirational leaders. They all had one thing in common, immerse yourself in an environment that allows you to learn. Read books, watch YouTube or inspirational documentaries, buy a course, do whatever it takes! I have invested a great deal or time and money over my career in learning from others. It has been key in my lifelong journey of learning and becoming the best version of myself and will continue to be a lifelong goal of continuous learning. As Tony Robbins puts it, success leaves footprints, learn from those who have been before you, shortcut your success by avoiding the mistakes that others have learnt for you!

As 2021 fast approaches, it becomes a time to focus on what it is you want out of life, your purpose, desires, your vision for how you want your life to look.

A first step, a step to progress can start with one thought, one book, one course, but it requires action.

If you are looking for change, for a new vision, a compelling 2021 but don't know where to start, our Ultimate Health Program could be the step you're looking for to propel you forward into 2021 with confidence and purpose. We have limited places remaining for January and new course dates released in February.

Just go for it. Leap in and see what happens...

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