How to crush your cravings and be free from sugar for life!

Updated: Feb 1

We are constantly surrounded by sweet, sugary foods, if it's not next to the till a the checkout it's projecting out of our screens whenever we watch tv…it’s a constant temptation and can be a real battle of wills to stay away from the dreaded sweet stuff.

Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Sugar is highly addictive! The more carbohydrates and sugar we consume, the more we crave it. Sugar drives insulin resistance a condition that sees our cells less receptive to insulin trying to usher glucose out of our blood and into our cells for energy. The more sugar we consume the higher the likelihood of insulin resistance. When insulin resistance takes hold, blood sugar levels increase, less sugar enters our cells, leaving us lethargic, fatigued, craving sugar and on a mood rollercoaster! As we give in to these powerful sugar craving, it further perpetuates the problem making us increasing addicted to sugar, tired and struggling with energy and weight loss.

So how can I break this vicious cycle of sugar addiction?

Blood sugar regulation is key for reducing sugar cravings. The more stable our blood sugars, the less our sugar cravings!

Anything that helps to balance your blood sugar will results in less sugar cravings.

Six simple ways to improve sugar-cravings


Cinnamon helps to increase insulin sensitivity, helping the cells to uptake glucose which can help stabilise blood sugars and satisfy the cells calling for sugar!

Add a teaspoon of cinnamon your coffee, to turmeric latte or take it as a supplement. It has a subtle, slightly sweet flavour.


Research shows that cloves help with improving blood sugar. It has also been correlated to reducing sugar cravings. Add to your baked goods, reducing the need for sweetness.


Chromium is insulins little helper, ushering glucose into the cells. It’s an ideal mineral for aiding blood sugar stability and reducing sugar cravings! Chromium-rich foods include broccoli, beef and garlic. You can also use a high-quality food sourced chromium supplement.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This simple addition to your daily routine not only helps to reduce blood sugar spikes, if you take a raw, unfermented apple cider vinegar, it will add good gut bacteria, crowding out sugar-craving bad gut bacteria. A simple 20ml shot after a meal, diluted with 50:50 water or taken neat can be beneficial for blood sugar stability.


Sleep is so important! Lack of sleep affects your blood sugar levels…whilst high blood sugar levels affect your sleep! It’s a perpetual problem. Get quality sleep! Sleep deprivation increases our hunger hormone ghrelin, lower levels of leptin (our ‘I’m full’ hormone) and increases our blood sugars.


Potassium Magnesium citrate is a great supplement to take to aid a good night sleep. Potassium also helps with sugar cravings. Potassium is needed to store glucose as glycogen, when we are low is potassium, we can feel fatigued, lethargic and craving sugar. Increasing your dietary potassium with avocados, leafy green such as kale and spinach in addition to an optional quality food sourced potassium supplement.

Remember, stabilising your blood sugars and reversing insulin resistance is key to reducing sugar cravings. This will stop you being a slave to your metabolism and see you enjoying better energy, health and freedom from cravings.

To understand more about how to break the carb-addiction cycle, ramp up your fat-burning metabolism and dampen down hunger hormones, join our Live Keto for beginners course or read our newly released book Primal Living in a Modern World, full of step by step information on how to break the habits of a lifetime, including delicious recipes for low-carb breads, pizza, quiche and more.

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