Hello Sunshine!

How can you boost your mood and your immune system?

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for the immune system. It plays a key role in influencing or modulating our immune response.When you're low in vitamin D you can experience insomnia, low mood, inflammation and osteoporosis. There are some viruses that are smart enough to block our vitamin D receptors, stopping us accessing vitamin D and reducing our immune function in order to increase their ability to thrive. This is how important vitamin D is to our natural defence system!

It isn’t easy to get adequate levels of vitamin D from your diet, however this is a vitamin that our body can makes itself, so when the sunshine is out, get outside and allow you body to make some more of this super nutrient! We can store Vitamin D in our body, so if you have been exposed to lots of sunshine recently then you may feel confident you have good a good store of vitamin D. If you feel you are lacking in this key vitamin, you can take a supplement, however ensure it is in a form that the body can access such as D3.

A good source of vitamin D for those who are concerned about their vitamin D levels is Wiley’s Finest fish oils with Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Another would be a cold-pressed cod liver oil. Both of these supplements will contain the essentially fatty acids omega-3 which will help the absorption of vitamin D and are also important for immune function.

Food sources of vitamin D include salmon, sardines and herring. Egg yolks are moderate source of vitamin D, however the levels vary, depending upon whether the chicken was outdoor reared or barn reared (with outdoor reared having higher levels of vitamin D) and whether the feed was enriched with vitamin D.

So if the sun makes an appearance wherever you are today, go make some vitamin D!

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