“He was given three months to live.”

He was in his thirties; he had young children and his whole life ahead of him. Cancer had completely engulfed his body. There was almost no part of his body left unaffected. After multiple intensive treatments, including chemotherapy, the doctors gave their prognosis.

This isn’t working. You need to go home and try and enjoy the final few months you have left with your friends and family.

As I sat with him on his hospital bed, playing Scrabble into the small hours of the morning, it struck me how calm he was. Fear or panic hadn’t seemed to have kicked in.

“How are you feeling?” I would ask.

“I’m OK, I know I’ll fight this.”

With his calm and unconventional reaction to the prognosis, most doctors would have assumed that their patient riddled with cancer was in denial, that the news hadn’t sunk in, that self-preservation had kicked in.

We talked through the plan, how best to approach this prognosis. A plan was set, based heavily on nutritional requirements, positive mental wellbeing, a solid support system with the addition of other therapies in place.

His medical team were dumbfounded when the cancer began to regress. Bit by bit his body fought back and became stronger and healthier, until, by some ‘miracle’ as the doctors put it, he became cancer-free.

Hope is a crucial aspect of healing as Dr. Lisa Rankin explains this in her book Mind Over Medicine, a book I would highly recommend for anyone facing severe illness. Never underestimate the importance of the mind when healing the body.

The journey continues

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