Give us our daily bread!

Are you serious? No bread?!

I don’t eat Jaffa cakes or Doritos and now….what, I have to give up bread?! I’ll be starving!! What will I eat?!

The brat inside my head was having a field day. Throwing all her toys out of the pram. The stories I was telling myself didn’t last long. I had read the science, I reasoned with myself that in order to make massive impact on my health I had to make big changes. OK, I was ready.

I put together a plan. I knew bread was out…but was there an alternative? Surely there must be! I had been eating rye bread for lunch for…well…ever!! So…what now?

I trawled the Internet for ideas and inspiration. It wasn’t that I needed bread everyday, but I liked the idea of making something that I could have as and when I fancied avocado on toast, or scrambled eggs on toast.

I tried a few recipes. Whilst I could eat them, calling them bread involved an active imagination! They were often made with a base of almond flour and tasted more cake-like than bread. Eight years ago, paleo bread recipes online were a little elusive!

After a few disasters…a few moderate successes, I decided to conjure up my own recipe. High power blender- check, bags of different seeds-check, a will to eat avo-toast again-check! So, channelling my inner Nigella I ground, blended and baked.

This was designed to be a fuss-free, easy bread recipe that could be made without having to buy ingredients that frankly I’d never even heard of!

Trial one….a heavy brick, edible but not great. Did it pass with my then two-year old son. Let’s call that a NO!

Trial two….better, tasted nice but still a bit heavy. I needed to lighten it. I researched how to lighted gluten-free breads and bingo. Apple cider vinegar. When you add apple cider vinegar to baking powder it causes a reaction that lightens the bread beautifully.

There it was. Paleo bread. Did it pass the two-year old child test….when toasted, yes! Well, that was a good start!!

I don’t eat paleo bread so much any more. Eight years ago I was transitioning from my daily porridge, bread and pasta habit and found it easier to have paleo bread every other day. It served its purpose. Now I’ll have it once maybe twice a week.

Reducing my daily carb hit was so instrumental in improving my health. Carbs are converted to glucose when we eat them The body then produces insulin to

reduce the blood sugar spike that results. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone. It tells the body to store excess glucose as fat. Stabilising my blood sugars not only improved my weight, sleep and skin, it massively impacted my mood.

Here is the recipe I created all those years ago!

Paelo Bread

150g ground golden linseed

150g ground sunflower seeds

1 heap teaspoon of gluten-free baking powder

1 good cap of Apple Cider Vinegar (I love the Willys brand)

5 free-range eggs

40g melted coconut oil

1tsp salt

Add the dry mix and combine well. Add the remaining ingredients. Place in a greased and lined loaf tin and bake for 30min at 170degrees

The journey continues

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