Four Proven Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Updated: Jan 29

As many as 16 million adults in the UK suffer from sleepless nights, with a third of UK adults experiencing regular disrupted sleep. This has only increased due to the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. A study by IPOS MORI and Kings College London found that 63% of us have experienced worsened sleep since the lockdown. This can take the form of disrupted sleep, vivid dreams and sleeping longer but not feeling refreshed indicating restless sleep.

With poor sleep linked to increased anxiety, low mood, increased blood sugars, weight gain, increased levels of stress hormones cortisol, disrupted gut bacteria, increased sugar cravings and poor concentration…we need to get Britain sleeping again!

Here are four proven ways to improve your sleep quality!


A light room is a recipe for a sleepless night. Try and create a really dark room! Darkness stimulates melatonin, a hormone that tells our brain it is time to sleep. I don’t recommend supplementing melatonin as this will affect your own production of melatonin. However, I do recommend getting your room as dark as you can, black out blinds, keeping laptop and phone use to a minimum in the hour leading up to bed time.

Intelligent Fats

A study by the University of Oxford found that individuals with higher levels of the omega-3 DHA in their blood, were significantly associated with better quality of sleep, less restlessness and sleep disturbance. Omega-3 DHA is found in fatty fish, algae and high quality fish oil supplements such as those produced by Wiley’s finest, their Peak EPA is rich in DHA as is their catch free vegan algae oil. Omega-3 is also anti-inflammatory so can help combat the inflammatory effects of stress and poor sleep.

Turn off ‘Excessive Thinking!’

Many of us know that familiar feeling of running over and over the many things ‘to do’ for the next day. We believe that this will help us feel in control and enable us to drift off to sleep but in fact it’s the opposite.

This excessive mental stress calls the adrenal glands into play, releasing a cascade of stress hormones signalling to the body ‘prepare to do battle!’ Our body then becomes stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode. We must reduce our stress load and shift from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’ which will switch off excessive thinking and allow you to drift off to sleep.

Supplements can be really helpful to relax your mind and body ready for a restful sleep.

Potassium Magnesium Citrate is a combination of minerals that relax the physical body as well as the mind and eases you into a good night sleep.


CBD is regarded as a very useful aid to sleeping as it can help with excessive thinking, reducing anxiety and calming the mind and allowing you to fall asleep. Unlike sleeping pills, which can leave you feeling groggy, CBD can aid in a deep sleep without the grogginess the following morning.

Sow & Arrow produce two CBD oils, a 5% and a 10%. Both are exceptional quality,

organically grown and contain a full spectrum of bioactive compounds. Please call Sow &

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