5 reasons to max up on Magnificent Magnesium

With three out of four adults being low in this important mineral, it's time to shine the spot light on magnesium to see how a deficiency can lead to dry and prematurely wrinkled skin, poor brain function, poor sleep and an increased susceptibility to low bone density.

Super soft skin

Now that winter has well and truly kicked in, if your skin is feeling less than baby-soft, then listen up. There are many reasons to take magnesium, with improved skin condition being one of them!

A magnesium deficiency results in lower levels of fatty acids in the skin. This can lead to reduced moisture and elasticity resulting in skin dryness and reduced tone. Magnesium also plays a ver important role in producing glutathione, the body's master antioxidant. Important in all aspects of healthy, it also helps to prevent cellular damage and premature ageing.

Pay Attention!

Magnesium helps with our cognitive function...meaning less brain fog and more focus! Children with ADHD, supplemented with magnesium, have been shown to have improved behaviour, focus and attention. In some studies, supplemental magnesium has been shown to reverse 'brain age' by up to nine years!

Builds strong Bones

Many people understand the importance of Vitamin D in increasing calcium absorption...did you know that magnesium also increases the absorption of calcium? Almost half of the magnesium in your body is found in your bones. Optimal levels of magnesium, through your diet or supplementing through a bioavailable source of magnesium, along with vitamin D and calcium, can help to maintain healthy bones and help to prevent a loss of bone density.

Helps to reduce PMS bloating!

Magnesium and B6 are nutrients that help to reduce PMS bloating! SmoothMag is an ideal combination of both of these nutrients...the ideal addition for balancing out the monthly hormonal highs and lows.

Magnesium for mental wellbeing

Magnesium increases the production of the relaxation hormone GABA, helping to switch off our internal chatter and allowing us to relax...making it ideal as part of a pre-sleep routine.

Magnesium also helps to regulate the 'flight or flight' response, restricting excess release of stress hormones and preventing them from entering the brain. Pretty impressive!

Food sources of magnesium include:

Dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and Swiss chard.

Nuts such as almonds and cashews and seeds such as pumpkin seeds


Dark Chocolate...a low sugar, raw chocolate is much more preferable over a sugar-laden bar! Take a look at our healthier snacks and chocolate selection here.

This is a great article for all the foods high in magnesium.

For a highly bioavailable, B6 active enriched powder to add to your water, particularly before bed, SmoothMag by TerraNova is my supplement of choice. This will ease you into a great night sleep as well as boosting your magnesium levels, adding to your overall health and wellbeing.

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