Facing fifty feels like a new opportunity now.

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

This is Gaz, my best friend, life-partner and co-founder of Sow & Arrow. Gaz hasn’t always eaten the way he eats now…in fact when we first met he was a porridge eating, sandwich munching, Cadbury’s addict!

Boy how things have changed!

When I first found out about his dietary habits, I could instantly tell him about how he was feeling throughout the day. He believed I had some sort of mystical powers as I told him, based on what I knew he was eating, he must feel hungry at around ten, tired at around 3pm, craving chocolate and sugar at around 8pm and waking up feeling ravenous and grumpy.

“How do you know this?!”

Our body’s work in very similar ways, when they are subjected to a rollercoaster of blood sugar highs and lows, the results are very predictable.

He started by making one change, his breakfast. Gone was the porridge, banana and honey, “there was I thinking I was being so healthy!” Said Gaz. Replaced by a low-carb protein-rich breakfasts, green smoothies, eggs and other much healthier options. Eventually transitioning to butter coffees packed with collagen and healthy fats.

“My energy changed immediately. I didn’t feel tired, bloated or irritable anymore. I felt inspired to learn more and make more changes. I lost five kilos in the first two months. I wasn’t particularly over weight but was carrying some unnecessary fat around my belly! This I later learnt was definitely the fat I didn’t want, the visceral fat I’ve now learnt so much about.”

Gaz has now gone on to make further changes, creating daily health habits that have further added to his health and safeguarding his future wellbeing.

I feel more alive now than ever before! I have sat through so many of the Ultimate Health Programme courses now and feel like I’m learning more and more from Pauline, layering my knowledge and fuelling my desire to know more. It’s changed my life. Completely. I could say I wish I’d know this years ago, however, I am just grateful I have learnt this now. With more energy, vitality and a love for life, I am facing my landmark 50th birthday with excitement, knowing that my best years are still to come. My love for life, surf and adventure will continue to grow, just like my love for eating well and taking care of myself. Pauline’s infectious obsession of learning more about health and wellbeing has definitely rubbed off on me!”

“Sometimes, it takes a health scare to make us men wake up to the fragility of health, I’m lucky, I haven’t had that. Some of my friends have. I am only grateful that I now know what my body needs and how I can continue to get the best out of it for years to come.”

Gaz’s health journey continues

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