Enough of the Monday blues!

Habits don’t become habits overnight…right?!

They take a bit of time, thirty consecutive days according to neuroscientists. When we commit to thirty days of doing something daily, we are far more likely to stick to it as it becomes ingrained in our neural pathways, it becomes part of our daily routine, like cleaning our teeth and taking a shower.

So what daily habits should we be creating?

Foundational to creating lasting change is our mindset. So our first habit could be becoming conscious of our thought patterns. Becoming aware of the voice in our head, the nagging voice that can sabotage our best efforts to create healthier, more positive daily habits. The voice that tells us why we can't do something, the voice that is so willing to offer up all of the barriers, all the rationale for not even trying.

So, what is your inner saboteur saying? What do you say to yourself on a daily basis? Are you aware of that voice? This voice creates the thoughts that we focus on. These thoughts then translate into an emotion...so when you wake up in the morning and think...ugh, it's Monday...what are you saying to yourself, are you manifesting a great day? Has that voice in your head already created your day through the thoughts and consequent emotions?

When we become conscious of our inner voice, the inner saboteur, we can begin to change what we say, what we focus on and the emotions we create. Becoming conscious is the first step to changing that inner voice from one who pulls you down and sabotages your best efforts, to one who champions you to create the life you deserve and the health you desire.

The journey continues

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