Clash of the titans.

Losing weight, improving mental wellbeing, striving for better energy, better sleep, healing an autoimmune condition or better health in general. These are admirable health goals set by many individuals on a daily basis. As with any goal or alteration in the status quo, motivation to change, a plan of action and a willingness to stick to the plan is needed.

Discipline and motivation are traits that many people have in buckets. However, the hard work, discipline, motivation and determination to achieve certain health goals is not always met with the reward of reaching the desired goal. The enormous effort put in is not always reflected in the outcome, this mismatch is down to a clash of two titans, two powerful forces that don’t work harmoniously to create a smooth and enjoyable journey. These two titans are, our modern food environment and our primitive genes.

Our primitive genes are programmed for an enitrey different food environment to the one in which we now inhabit. They will drive us to choose sweet, starchy foods in order to gain weight and prepare for times of scarcity, days without food as we hunt for our next meal.…however, those times of scarcity rarely exist in our modern day food environment. There is no three day hunt for the next meal, the next snack is just waiting to tempt our senses and primitive genes with the sight, smell and temptations of sweet and starchy foods. Food manufacturers know the lure the genetic genie in a bottle has over us and once out, it will want more and more of these sweet and atarchy foods to satisfy our primitive sweet tooth. When we continuously eat these starchy, sweet foods, our body goes on a blood sugar rollercoaster. Carbohydrates such as porridge, pasta and breads, breakdown into glucose in the body, causing an increase in blood sugars. The body has to lower these blood sugars and so produces a hormone called insulin. Insulin is the fat-storing hormone in the body. Insulin triggers our body to store the excess glucose from carbohydrates as fat. This again makes the end goal of weight loss increasingly difficult. A diet at odds with our primitive genes, a diet high in carbohydrates can therefore result in hunger, fatigue, irritability, cravings and a slower rate of weight loss, if any. When we work with our primitive genes, our fundamental requirements, understanding what the body needs to thrive and survive, weight loss becomes a by-product, along side increased energy, better sleep, mood stability and improved mental wellbeing and cariovasular health. When we stop the clash of the titans and allow our biological needs to be met by a diet that is nutrient dense and health-sustaining, the result can be life-changing, as so many people are discovering. The journey continues

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