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Updated: Jan 18

It can be so difficult caring for loved ones during these uncertain times. Ensuring they are maximising their immune function and taking care of themselves is not easy at the best of times.

At Sow & Arrow we are aware of how difficult it can be to make sure those we can't alway be with are getting the nutrients they need. We have recently starting stocking a brand new product called LIFE drink. This is made by a an exceptional company called Terra Nova.

LIFE drink contains a multitude of nutrients in one scoop. With probiotics and digestive enzymes for gut health,

fresh freeze-dried greens including wheat grass, nettle leaf, kale, dandelion leaf, spinach coriander, broccoli and more.

LIFE also contains freeze-dried berries including sea buckthorn, acid berry and bilberry (and much more!)

With the addition of freeze-dried relish and shiitake, spirulina and chlorella, this powder really is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is ideal for individuals suffering from a chronic illness, recovering from a chronic illness, those who are more vulnerable to malnutrition such as the elderly or children with poor eating habits. It is the ideal way of simply adding more nutrients into your diet with minimal effort!

Simply add to water, smoothies or mix in with yogurt.

LIFE is currently on sale online or in store for £28.65 for a 227g tub (with a typical serving being 12g) however we are offering a 10% introductory offer for the next two weeks.

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