Britains very own superfood

I absolutely love this brightly coloured, nutrient-packed British Superfood. Sea Buckthorn is truly a British hero. With more Vitamin C per tiny berry than a whole imported orange, it is super low in sugar, packed with beta-carotene, one of the highest sources of omega-7 in the plant kingdom and therefore a great lubricant for dry eyes, skin and intimate dryness.

Vitamin C is SO important to our day-to-day functioning. It is a water-soluble vitamin and so one that needs replenishing daily, especially during times of stress!

Vitamin C is not only important for our immune function, but also in our mental wellbeing and protecting our precious omega-fats in our brain from damaging free-radicals.

It is also key in helping our bodies to adapt to daily stress.

We love the Wild and Scottish Sea buckthorn, harvested by Willow and sent direct to us at Sow & Arrow!

Vitamin C is a KEY nutrient that our body needs to make collagen, the scaffold of our body, without it we develop saggy skin, poor wound healing, hair loss and bleeding gums.

l have 20ml of sea buckthorn in a glass of sparking water as part of my daily routine to optimum wellbeing. me the flavour is almost like sour passion fruit...however I love it!

The journey continues

On going research

Research into the effectiveness of sea buckthorn’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects has been conducted in animal studies. Early research shows that sea buckthorn has the ability to reduce cancer cell proliferation and induce cancer cell apoptosis (cell death), however prophylactic doses for human trials have yet to be conducted.

Early research suggest that sea buckthorn may counteract side effects of chemotherapy by restoring kidney and liver function.

Nelson O (2018) The anticancer activity of sea buckthorn. Frontiers in Pharmacology. March (15)

Olas B (2016) Sea buckthorn as a source of important bioactive compounds in cardiovascular diseases. Food and Chemical Toxicology (97) p199-204

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