An extra thirty years of life...

What would you do with an extra thirty years of life? How would you spend those years? Travelling? Learning a new skill? Maybe spending time with family?

For many people the reality we face when we reach retirement is a decline in health and quality of life. We may be living longer however this increase in longevity is not matched with the quality of life we are expecting as we reach our later years.

Neurodegenerative conditions are increasing at an alarming rate with a new case of Alzheimer's being diagnosed every 66 seconds in the USA alone according to recent research. Neurodegenerative conditions have increased by 92% since 1979 in women and 78% in men. Why is this? The Guardian recently published an article citing the dangers of inflammation and it's correlation with neurodegenerative conditions. This kind of mainstream coverage is long overdue. The rapid rise in neurological disease has long being recognised by science in going hand in hand with the inflammatory diet and lifestyle that we are all so accustomed to living.

Changing our inflammatory lifestyles, understanding how our diet and lifestyles drive chronic illness, including neurological dysfunction, is key to increasing quality of life, increasing energy, improving mood, sleep, wellbeing, weight loss, autoimmune conditions and safeguarding our health for the future.

Making changes now, taking action and installing daily habits that build on your future health is the best way to ensure that those thirty years after retirement are full of health and vitality.

If you would like to learn more about how to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, one that you will enjoy eating delicious foods that stop food cravings, blood sugar highs and lows and really understand how to look after your most valuable asset, your health, then take a look at the up and coming courses we have running.

The Ultimate Health Programme is on it's sixteenth series and we have seen incredible results from people from all walks of life...

"This course has been absolutely brilliant. I just wish I'd know this information sooner!! Life-changing. Me and my family are all already feeling the benefits. "

Sue- Weston Super Mare

To find out more about our courses please click here.

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