A Tonic a day keeps the doctor away!

A daily tonic is a fantastic habit to incorporate into your health regime!

Tonics are a super easy way of incorporating good gut bacteria, vitamins, and nutrients, increasing hydration and with minimal effort!

Here are my top three daily tonics for boosting your health and wellbeing!

Pick me up Pink tonic

30ml of beet kvass

300ml of sparkling water

Optional- a few fresh pomegranate seeds

This tonic is delicious and so incredibly healthy! Beet kvass is a fermented beetroot drink that is packed with good gut bacteria, phytonutrients, vitamin C, B-vitamins and minerals that can help reduce inflammation.

Immune boosting beauty tonic

20ml Sea buckthorn juice

300ml sparkling water

5ml apple cider vinegar

Sea buckthorn juice is a fantastic source of vitamin C, phytonutrients and omega-7. This tonic is ideal for boosting your immune system, helping your adrenal glands combat stress and is a beauty tonic! Vitamin C is essential in order for the body to make collagen, the protein in our skin that stops the sagging and fine lines!

Apple cider super tonic

30ml of unpasturerised, raw apple cider vinegar

300ml of sparkling water

a pinch of Himalayan rock salt

This tonic is a great gut health boosting tonic! It helps with digestion, liver function and introducing friendly bacteria to the gut. Use a high quality apple cider vinegar such as Willy's Apple Cider Vinegar which is raw, biodynamic and from one of the oldest orchards in the UK....plus it's delicious!

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Image and recipes taken from the book, 'Primal Recipes and Habits for Modern Living' by Pauline Cox BSc MSc.


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