A new Dawn for organic cosmetics

We are so excited to welcome Dawn Ireland to our collective of independent producers!

Dawn, founder of Green Wyse, has an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science and is a medical herbalist.

Dawn explains why Green Wise was created,

"Green Wyse began in 2002 in my kitchen in Torquay, Devon, with the intention of making a few organic, vegan products, free from synthetic and artificial ingredients, with genuine therapeutic botanical extracts. Initially just for myself, then family and friends. Eventually then growing to become the range I make today with several shops around the UK stocking products."

"I source ingredients carefully and consider the therapeutic benefits because as a medical herbalist I know how amazing plants are. I still make my soap and shampoo bars in my kitchen with solar electricity, carefully hand made with organic oils and each bar individually wrapped with recycled kraft paper in line with my zero waste aims. I now have a dedicated  room to make the rest of my range next to my herbal consultation office, with everything made fresh by hand for low energy use, and attention to detail. Most of my range is moving towards zero waste packaging with many of the creams now in mini clip top jars, toothpastes available in glass jars, and lip balms and deodorants in cardboard compostable tubes."

Ethical considerations are a priority for Sow & Arrow and sourcing companies in line with our values is a contant mission for us!

One of Green Wyse's most popular sellers in-store so far has been the natural organic toothpaste. This product is pretty special, with clay sourced form the UK toning and tightening the gums. Chalk- pure ground limestone sourced from the UK which acts as a gentle astringent removes plaque and stains.

Vegetable glycerine -Guaranteed vegan, organic, sustainably steam distilled from Karanja seeds in India (not from palm oil). A natural preservative which gives a soft paste texture.

Liquorice tincture -Organic alcohol extract of liquorice root which is proven scientifically to be effective against the bacteria which cause plaque build up but also to promote remineralisation of tooth enamel.

Myrrh tincture -Alcohol extract of myrrh resin which is dried sap from the Commiphora tree, sustainably obtained. Proven to be strongly antiseptic, anti-fungal and aid healing of mouth ulcers. Organic essential oils which give both a pleasant flavour and have antiseptic effects.

‘This toothpaste is great. For over a year now my family have been struggling to adjust to Fluoride-Free toothpaste as our teeth never felt squeaky clean after using.

I had to leave a review because this toothpaste is like a miracel! Gives that really squeaky clean feeling, fresh taste AND it’s not in an aluminium tube! Wonderful!’ - Bethan C

‘After years of having to visit the hygienist at least twice a year, after using Green Wyse toothpaste I rarely need anything but a check up’ Jackie B

Green Wyse donates 5% of profits from both Green Wyse to the Firsland Animal Sanctuary, Torquay.


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