A Lockdown Shout Out to Sow & Arrow...my personal Haven!

As I’m sitting down to write a blog during the Coronavirus lockdown, I’ve decided to give a shout out to an amazing business that has become an important hub in my local community.

I also wanted to talk a bit about why this business is personally important to me.

Discovering Sow & Arrow

In July 2019, I’d popped into Clevedon to do a bit of shopping. I couldn’t park in my usual preferred spot so I pulled into a space a bit further down the road.

As I stepped out of the car, I noticed that a new restaurant, Sow & Arrow was open for business. The kerbside appeal was immediate. Everything from the wooden sign to the interior displays and ‘Eat, nourish, flourish’ window design called out to me to step inside and say hello.

So that’s what I did.

Inside, I met Sam, one of the lovely members of staff, as well as owners, Pauline and Gaz. We ended up chatting for a good half an hour or more as the health-conscious couple told me more about their vision for the business.

Far more than a restaurant, Sow & Arrow is a place that empowers people to get healthy, full of energy, vitality and well-being. As well as eating in, you can buy a fantastic range of nutrient-rich, energy-sustaining foods to enjoy at home.

Upon hearing about Sow & Arrow’s workshops (in particular, the four-week Ultimate Health Programme), I immediately signed up. It was exactly what I had been searching for.

Sometimes self-care suffers when you’re a full-time carer

If you’re familiar with Elijah’s Hope, you’ll already know that I’m mum to 14-year-old Elijah as well as being a full-time care manager for his team of 18 healthcare staff.

Due to Elijah needing round-the-clock care, my thoughts tend to be consumed by his needs and, by the time I discovered Sow & Arrow last year, there were days when the only people I would speak to would be Elijah’s carers.

In some ways, our home is like a medical institution. While it’s necessary, it can be challenging.

The day I stepped into Sow & Arrow, I realised how badly I needed to take care of myself and how often I push my own wellbeing to the back of the queue.

Gaining confidence with the Ultimate Health Programme

The Ultimate Health Programme is a four-week programme created by Pauline. It looks at how the foods we eat fuel or deplete our bodies and how we can build long-term eating habits that support our health and wellbeing.

The programme is aimed at helping participants to increase their energy and vitality, lift their mood and reduce anxiety, improve their sleep, and learn to eat health-sustaining meals and snacks in a way that’s sustainable, practical and enjoyable.

A week or two after signing up, I arrived for the first evening workshop of the Ultimate Health Programme. I felt shy and reserved, outside of my comfort zone, but I was blown away by Pauline’s passion as she talked.

In the following days, I started popping into Sow & Arrow for a healthy drink or meal and, with each visit, my confidence grew. I started to chat and let my personality shine through during the evening workshops. I also became more educated about how to eat in a way that fuels my body, instead of leaving me feeling sluggish.

As I look back now, in this time of lockdown, I realise that Sow & Arrow is a sanctuary for me. It’s a place I can go to and feed my wellbeing in every way. It’s a safe space, a haven, and I recognise that it’s OK to need that.

Life during lockdown

As the government began to announce the social distancing measures for tackling COVID-19, I’ll admit that I was heartbroken about a relatively new small business like Sow & Arrow having to temporarily close its doors. Would it still be there in the world ‘after’? How would I cope without my haven?

Thankfully, Gaz and Pauline were quick to react, exploring ways that they could continue to serve the local community.

While it’s not currently possible to eat in at Sow & Arrow, the mouth-watering food is still available for order and delivery or to be purchased in person and taken home to enjoy. When a fresh batch of keto-friendly cooked meals arrives at my door, I still feel a thrill of excitement.

Thanks to technology, the dynamic duo have been able to shift their wellbeing workshops and programmes online, providing an important message of self-care in these strange and unprecedented times.

I would personally like to thank the whole team at Sow & Arrow for everything they’ve done during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Believe me, the day the lockdown is lifted enough for restaurants to open their doors again, I’ll be claiming a table and possibly camping out there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But most of all, I’ll give everyone a hug and tell them how glad I am to see them safe and sound.

You can explore Sow & Arrow’s food, workshops, blogs and much more at www.sowandarrow.com

Click here to learn more about the online Ultimate Health Programme


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