A Life-changing book....or not.

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

It is frequently stated that knowledge is power.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge will not change your life. How many times have you bought a book and read it from front to back and thought, yes! That makes total sense, this is the answer I've been looking for! Feeling full of inspiration, hope and answers you feel elated. And then…as the days turn to weeks, the book lays in the same spot next to your bed, reminding you of what lies within. Teasing you of its potential to help you make the changes you want in your life. In time you place it on the book shelf. And what is it that causes this need to slide the book back onto the shelf where the thousands of other unrealised words lie…it is not that we don't have the knowledge, we have not taken any action.

It is not knowledge that provides us with power, it is action. Action provides limitless potential to change our lives, our health.

Reading a book is like reading the sum knowledge of an indivudal who has spent their entire career understanding and studying a subject they feel passionately about. I wrote Primal Living in a Modern World because I knew the knowledge I had could radically change lives, the challenge was never going to be writing it, the challenge would be inspiring people to read it. Inspiring them to take action and implement the daily changes necessary to change their lives.

This is no small feat, as the individuals I wanted to reach the most were those who suffered as I had so many years ago. Struggling with low energy, declining health and the frustrating feeling of not recognising the person they had become.

When you wake up in this state of mind, it is difficult to feel inspired to take action. Reading a book is and understanding the information is important…however providing the tools, the belief and desire to take action was the one thing I truly wanted to achieve from this book. I knew that was where the value lay, not in the information, not in the why but in the how.

Primal Living in a Modern World has already received criticism, as I knew it would. Contentious topics with science-based information that flies in the face of current guidelines will always generate strongly written opinions, especially if it puts the profits of big conglomerates at risk. I’m a big girl with thick skin, I can take it! It is the feedback of those whose lives it is already changing that makes this journey so worthwhile.

This is Alison's story...

As I sat for 4 hours this afternoon reading Pauline’s new book ‘Primal Living in a Modern World’ from back to front - I took a minute to reflect.

I was the original carb/sugar/crisp junkie - but always giving myself a pat in the back, as a Coeliac, I did not eat gluten. Only GF products. (But loaded with carbs and sugar.)

I had blood tests done in December 2018 which gave me a jolt of reality. All these years of not looking after me - could be coming home to roost. Seriously over weight. Not so healthy results. A big wake up call.

The same week, I saw a posting on Facebook about a new 100% GF kitchen in Clevedon - Sow & Arrow. So, we took a trip. And I met Pauline.

Fast forward 18 months. I’ve done the Ultimate Health Programme course and I follow her regular updates and videos when I can. I am no longer a carb or sugar junkie. My blood work is all normal. Cholesterols. Sugars. Liver. Triglycerides. The works.

I go nowhere near a set of scales - but I am multiple sizes smaller. I do Intermittent Fasting, I look after my gut health and I eat keto/paleo foods. Mostly supplied and delivered - even in these pandemic times - by Sow & Arrow.

I’ve never felt so well in my almost 6 decades. I’m off half my meds and hope to come off the rest (when blood testing resumes! )

If anyone is thinking - this lifestyle is too difficult - it is indeed a challenge. But. It is life changing. And if I can do it - you can. And I thank every day that I made that trip to Clevedon.

So, as I sat this afternoon, sipping my Beet Kvass (what?!?!) and reading Pauline’s new book - I recognised my new self in those pages. And I am eternally grateful.

Both the book and the course are worth the investment in yourself.

Alison C

You will never regret investing in yourself, you are the only investment for which you are guaranteed a return! The price of this book is only as valuable as the willingness you have to take action. If you are ready for change, then great benefits await. You can change your life, your health for the better but you have to be willing to take action. This week we have seen countless individuals return to buy three, four, five copies of this book for family and friends. Why? Because they want for their family what they have experienced themselves…a health they thought they’d lost, life in full colour again! And whilst the book continues to be shipped across the UK and Ireland…my hope is that this book inspires the outcome for which I wrote it...action. Daily action which results in limitless change.

If you are ready for change, click here to order your copy of Primal Living in a Modern World

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