3 Reasons Why Everyone Is Talking About Collagen!

Updated: Jan 30

Chris Evans spoke last week on his radio show about how he is going to give collagen a go to thicken his hair after a listener wrote in to state how his once thinning hair had become so much thicker since taking collagen. “Done deal!” stated Chris…how and why is it that everyone is now talking about collagen…

Collagen is a natural source of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, however as we get older our body naturally makes less of this ‘scaffold’ protein…meaning we can start to lose spring in our skin, mass from our muscle, lustre from our locks and toughness to our talons!

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Research has shown that we can boost our production of collagen by supplementing collagen peptides. This is good news for our joints, skin, hair, nails, muscles and even our gut health.

I take collagen peptides daily…10-20g per day in my morning fat drink…why?

I see the results. There is nothing more rewarding than physically seeing the results of your daily routine! My nails grow strong and fast, my hair is strong and thick and my skin has a much better texture and appearance when I use collagen. I don’t use any night creams, face creams or beauty creams other than topical black seed oil and daily fish oils (to moisturise from the inside out!) therefore collagen to me IS my beauty cream!

It helps maintain lean muscle mass and strong bones as well as the connective tissues that supports the internal organs. Now that I’m in my forties, protecting my lean muscle mass and bone mass is more important to me than ever! I supplement my diet with collagen to provide my body with the building blocks needed to make muscle and bone. This becomes harder as we age so I want to make it as easy as possible for my body. Transitioning to a fat-burner is also key for protecting your muscle and bone mass.

It helps strengthen your gut! No I’m not talking about your abs, I’m talking about the very important gut lining that prevents foreign particles from entering the blood stream, a condition called leaky gut. Leaky gut can come about from eating foods that disrupt the gut lining, too much stress, certain medications and alcohol.

So a simple scoop of collagen added to your dinner, smoothie, scrambled eggs or fat coffee can give you the body a boost in building a stronger, more resilient you.

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