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Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to empower people to get healthy and stay healthy so that they can live the life they desire, full of energy, vitality and wellbeing. Through the provision of remarkable, nutrient-rich, energy-sustaining foods and products, we commit to delivering the highest standards of service with passion and innovative creation.”



         Pauline Cox BSc MSc

                 co-founder Sow & Arrow

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If you believe that the food you put into your body should give you abundant energy and incredible health and still taste unbelievably good, then we are in agreement! Sow & Arrow is an innovative health company that craft and create delicious and nutrient-dense food for individuals who believe that nutrition has the power to change your life. We run science-based courses on optimising health and reversing chronic illness. We spend time sourcing the best quality suppliers and products so you don’t have to! We love working with passionate, health-focused companies and artisan producers, finding new and exciting products for or customers. 


We believe food and nutrition has the power to change lives. 

Healthy Food, Products and Supplements  

Here at Sow & Arrow we are obsessed with finding the best produce made by companies or individuals who have the same values as we do! 

We produce handcrafted bakery items. We do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. All of our meat is locally sourced. We use local ingredients whenever possible! Health, quality and taste is our focus, crafting innovative food that will excite and delight as well as fuel the body in ways that adds to your health, not taking away. We believe that healthy food should taste great!!

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind  

The body is predictable. Fuel it correctly and it will be satisfied, it works well, your energy levels improve, sleep improves, mental wellbeing increases and you lose excess weight.


When I studied my masters I researched the effects of essential fats on mental wellbeing, optimising brain function and immunity. The research in this area is nothing short of astonishing. Why we have so little access to such important information is astounding.


We've grouped together useful blogs and products so you can find out more. 

Meet The Team

Pauline Cox  

Nutrition & Health Consultant / Co-Founder


Bachelors of Science Anatomical Science- University of Bristol

Bachelors of Science Physiotherapy- University of West of England

Masters in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health- University of England

Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute- Pilates Instructor

Active Release Technique Practitioner- Canada, USA, Italy

Tony Robbins Life Mastery graduate- USA

Tony Robbins Leadership Academy graduate- USA

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Pauline co-founded The Complete Health Clinic in 2004, a multi-disciplinary private health clinic with a vision of creating better access to healthcare and information. In 2018 Pauline co-founded Sow & Arrow with a mission of creating easy-to-access information on health and wellbeing as well as a place to get convenient healthy food on the go. Sow & Arrow creates high quality, innovative, nutrient-dense food based on the grain-free, low carb ancestral diet. Sow & Arrow also supply high-quality supplements and exceptional products, often locally produced by Artisan makers.

Pauline has a passion for teaching and runs regular workshops and health programs and speaking engagements to relay the latest news, information and research in the areas of health and wellbeing

Primal Living in a Modern World is Pauline’s first book and focuses on reversing chronic illness and optimising health. 

After Hours 

Pauline enjoys yoga, Pilates, and experimenting in the kitchen! Pauline is an avid reader and relaxes by immersing herself in a great autobiography.

Pauline is a passionate supporter of Artisan producers. Having a love of exceptional quality and ethically produced food.

Gary Lewis

Operations Manager
/ Co-Founder

Gaz became inspired to embrace the Paleo & Ketogenic lifestyle after giving up his beloved morning porridge and realising how much of a negative impact it had been having upon his day. Having never attributed the morning slump in energy, the mid-morning hunger, and the slowly developing pot-belly to the consistent carb hits, he decided to give fat coffees a go. The thought of butter blended into coffee was, to say the least, a little unconventional however he embraced it…and within the week was hooked. He had more energy, less hunger, and was seeing the physical results immediately. 

Fast forward four years and Gaz has fully-embraced this way of life. Fat coffee loaded with butter, MCT oil, collagen, lion's mane powder, and a pinch of Himalayan salt is Gaz’s drink of choice every morning, replacing the stodgy porridge and enjoying newfound energy and a super lean physique!


After Hours 

Gaz is a passionate surfer and skateboarder and is often spotted down on Clevedon seafront weaving between evening-strollers and dog walkers.

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Steve Hildick

Head Baker

Steve joined Sow & Arrow having spent time previously working at a patisserie. This saw him take to low-carb cooking at Sow & Arrow like a duck to water! He is a much-valued member of the team and his baked delights fly out of the counter!

After Hours 

Steve is a talented photographer and enjoys spending time with his family.


Sam Goodger

Front of House Manager

Sam is a passionate advocate of the Paleo and Ketogenic lifestyle. She is meticulous in her organisation of the front counter and stock. Her very bright, young children are a credit to her efforts to educate them about all things health and wellbeing!

After Hours  

Sam enjoys seeking out new and exciting products and producers for the store as well as adding to her vast knowledge of health and wellbeing!

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