About The ultimate health program 

Are you looking for better health? 


This four-week immersive programme is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to transform your health, whatever your current health and make lasting, sustainable change.


You will learn evidence-based ways to:


• Increase energy

• Improve sleep

• Increase vitality

• Improve mood and reduce anxiety

• Improve virility

Classes are Thursday's: 10am - 11am. 

Module 1:


• How the foods we are eating are making us sick, inflamed and fat

• Which nutrients and foods we need to thrive, not just survive

• How we can start improving our health…TODAY. Practical steps to get you started on your health journey

Module 2:


• Gut health- the gateway to our health and wellbeing

• The anti-inflammatory power of food

• How to increase nutrient absorption, improving skin appearance, hair & nails strength, bone, cartilage and cardio-vascular health

Module 3:


• Improve your liver function, allowing improved detoxification and nutrient absorption

• Optimise your brain function, improving mood stability, mental clarity, mental wellbeing, memory and safeguarding against neuro-degeneration

Module 4:

• Improving your body’s ability to cope with the daily stress, including toxicity from environmental stress and mental stress

• Learn strategies that you can implement daily to safeguard your future health and wellbeing

• Learn how to slow down and reverse the biological clock, improving skin, bone health and brain function

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