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  • Creating a deeper understanding of Fat burning and anti-ageing

    Started Sep 16


  • Learn how to transform your health for a better quality of life

    Started Sep 17


  • Creating healthy vibrant skin, thicker hair and stronger nails

    Starts Sep 23


  • Learn how to transform your health for a better quality of life

    Starts Oct 15


  • Learn how to transform your health for a better quality of life

    Starts Nov 12


Elaine Bradford 

Sow and Arrow’s UHP course will turn on it’s head everything you thought you knew about health and wellness. It has completely changed my thought process when it comes to food. I thought it was going to be hard but I have found the whole process transformative. I am 17lbs lighter, my skin is brighter and I am on my way to being the best version of me for the first time in a long time.



This week I finished the brilliant "Ultimate Health Programme" with Sow & Arrow and I couldn't recommend it enough.


Pauline is brilliant at explaining everything you need to know about how to start living a healthier lifestyle. She explains in detail how the gut, liver and adrenal glads are all major contributors to how efficient your body can be at gaining ultimate health. It's made me realise that we're all guilty in one way or another of "abusing" our bodies and not looking after ourselves enough.


It doesn't have to be anything extreme. If you focus on eating nurtiontially dense food and see the importance of "fueling" your body with what it needs to function properly, you'll appreciate every meal .


Go to www.sowandarrow.com to see the courses they offer. I took part in the UHP which consists of 4 modules, spread over 4 weeks. If you want to learn about the importance of health and change you eating habits for good, put my name in the comments on purchase and get a FREE personal training session (online or locally).

Philippa Densley

The UHP course is a must for all those who want to feel more energised, healthy and brighter. Wish I’d gone on this course years ago as sure I wouldn’t have been in the place medically I was. Have turned my diabetes 2 around and feel so so so much better. Brilliant course, highly recommend.

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